Conference room rental service

Thai Son, deploying conference room rental service, Short-term classrooms are full with high-class equipment, professional service staff.

With the advantage of geographical position in the heart of Hanoi, it is convenient. Convenient transportation, motorbike and car parking area, Multi-purpose office building No. 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi will surely satisfy customers.

The conference rooms, classrooms we deploy include:

  • Conference room, high-class meeting room: Area using 60 M2
  • 2-way central air-conditioning system, air cleaning system, and air system from outdoor with exhaust and air blower system.
  • Tables and chairs are up to the standard of high-class conferences.
  • Projector, TV, writing board.
  • Modern audio equipment with US KRP Rotkit6 speaker system, Japanese speaker TOA, TOA Japan wireless microphone
  • There is a Lao Teabreak holiday area.
  • 100Mb/s high speed fiber optic Internet vnpt, Static IP is very stable. Dedicated Wifi system Ubiquiti UniFi American premium AC LR Access Points.
  • Light lunch, holding a party at the Multi-purpose building canteen at floor 19A.

High quality classrooms: Number of students / class: 20 people, 30 people.

  • Daikin 2-way central air conditioning system, air cleaning system, and air system from outdoor with exhaust and air blower system.
  • Tables and chairs are standard high-class workshops, with curtains, and chairs.
  • HP, IBM, DELL servers configured 4 x Xeon CPU, DRAM 576 GB, SDD 10.0 TB.
  • New generation notebooks Corei5, Corei3, Corei7.
  • Projector, TV, writing board.
  • VNPT high speed fiber optic Internet 60Mb. Ubiquiti UniFi dedicated Wi-Fi system for high-end American standard AC LR Access Points, simultaneously connecting 200 devices.
  • There is a Lao Teabreak holiday area.

Office sharing:

  • General hygiene, technical support, IT staff.
  • Photocopier, printer, scanner, wifi, water and electricity, central air conditioner.
  • General meeting rooms, tea, coffee, pure drinking water.
  • Server, laptop, cloud data storage.
Other services
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  • IT Services
  • IT Services

    Trong môi trường kinh tế năng động hiện nay, việc ứng dụng CNTT trong công việc và trong quản lý nhằm tăng năng suất hiệu quả kinh doanh và tạo lợi thế cạnh tranh là một điều tất yếu.